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A Romantic Elopement in Cinqueterre

Leslie and Tim had talked about marriage and decided they did not want the pressure of a big wedding. They wanted to something “different” and keep it personal between them.

So they decided to privately elope in Cinqueterre, Italy. No one knew expect two of their best friends who had introduced them a few years back. They wanted it to be a big surprise to family and friends when they returned home from Italy. Leslie said ” We wanted to avoid all the attention, details and focus on the real meaning behind us getting married.

Even though they didn’t want to share their nuptials prior to their destination wedding in Italy, they still wanted to show their amazing trip and photographs with their loved ones when they returned home.

Leslie personalized her elopement by bringing special family memorabilia , like her pearl necklace from her late Grandmother. Even though they silently eloped, they still wanted a piece or their loved ones with them at least symbolically.

It was rainy and windy most of their wedding day in Cinqueterre. But this created unique and special moments for them. Like the time they had to duck into a cafe in Vernazza for a cappuccino to wait out the rain and the locals kept saying to them “Sposa Bagnata, Sposa Fortunata” (which translates – A wet brides is a happy bride).

Leslie chose her dress for the simple romantic feel which was a perfect match for their Italy elopement. It also fitted like a glove and didn’t need any alterations. Big bonus.
Leslie’s advise for other brides to help them prepare for their destination wedding? “It’s easy to get caught up in the details and stress. Don’t forget the reason behind your wedding day! Italy is the most beautiful, natural backdrop so even if the worst should happen (like rain), your day will still be breathtaking.”








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