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Capri, Italy Elopement Wedding

Today I’m sharing with you a most romantic Capri elopement wedding. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Island of Capri, it’s one of the most picturesque and visited locations in Italy and one of my favorite places to elope.

 The island dates way back in time and has been a popular retreat since ancient times and also published for the world in Homer’s book:

“Ulysses sailing past Capri island narrowly escaped the fate of those who hear the voices of the enchanting Sirens.”

The island of Capri still has a mythical charm with its tiny alleys, quaint beaches and bays, and of course, home to the world-famous Blue Grotto or better known in Italian as the “Grotta Azzurra”. 

Just a short boat ride from the bay of Naples, away from everything, Capri it’s a perfect place to elope. Filled with romance, beauty, and culture, not to mention, the incredible service, food, and wines.

There are endless places to elope in Capri and it’s one of my most popular destinations and I’ve helped many couples elope on the Island. 

From the breathtaking landscapes to the rocky cliffs and caves, this intimate Italian Island has been an inspiration to poets, lovers, and travelers throughout the centuries. 

I’m happy to help you plan your planning your wedding just like I helped Monica and Sam plan their elopement wedding in Capri. Once I know a bit more about your story, I can help you choose a venue and plan your magical day. For more information, you can inquire here and schedule a consultation.








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