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Let your romantic journey unfold while I capture every fleeting emotion and flirtatious smile. There is an art to romance. So go ahead and get lost in a location — kiss in front of an Italian cathedral or snuggle up on a beach in Big Sur. Dance through lavender fields in France, or watch the desert light fade away in Joshua Tree. Fall in love with the food in Capri or have an affair with the architecture in Santorini. While you’re exploring, I’ll capture the spontaneity and emotion of your romantic journey. From scouting venues to designing your elopement itinerary, I help you relax and revel in the adventure of a lifetime. Together, we’ll craft memories into masterpieces, freezing time so you can cherish these moments forever.

Where will your romantic journey take you?

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I’m a wedding photographer specializing in destination weddings, elopements, and intimate engagement portraits in California, Europe, and Mexico. A dual American-Italian citizen, born in the USA and raised in Rome, my childhood summers were spent sailing past the Amalfi Coast and skiing in the Alps, snapping Polaroids and learning how art and adventure go hand in hand. After 12 years of classical piano lessons and training for Master of Fine Arts at the Florence Academy, I knew I was meant to be an artist. I painted family portraits of U.S. Ambassadors to Italy and captured the likeness of the Fendi family. But nothing compares to watching the spirit of a loving couple, and a culture of an exotic location, collide. I believe love is the strongest force, and following your heart is the best adventure.

Today I’m a fine art photographer for destination weddings and world travelers. I’m fluent in English, Italian, and some French, and use my cultural knowledge and experience to help couples explore Europe with confidence. I’ll help you navigate exotic destinations and fresh locations, so you can enjoy your romantic journey.

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Corcoran School of Art, B.F.A., Washington D.C.
The Florence Academy of Art, Graduate Studies in M.F.A, Italy
Vermont College, Graduate Studies in M.F.A., Vermont
Temple University, Graduate Studies in Fine Art, Rome, Italy Campus

Fine Art Exhibitions

Vittoriano Museum in Rome, Italy (with Patronage from the Italian Fine Arts Minister) | 100 Artisti a Trastevere (Rome, Italy) | John Cabot University (Rome, Italy) | The Fairmont (Dallas, Texas) | Il Cortile dell’Arte (Rome, Italy) | The Cattle baron’s Ball (Dallas, Texas) | The American Academy of Rome, Italy | Punta Rossa, San Nicola, Italy | Explora Museum in Rome, Italy | Il Palazzetto dépendence Hotel Hassler Rome, Italy


2015 Winner of Editor’s Choice Award – Two bright lights
Listed as one of Italy’s best wedding photographers- Junebug
Patronage from the Minister of Fine Arts and Culture in Italy Patroncino del Ministro per i Beni e le Aittivita Culturali | Artoque (Diploma of Excellence- England) | Photo Laureates (Finalist- USA) | Orvieto International Awards (Finalist – Italy) | Lucie International Photography Awards (Los Angeles, USA) | Tau Visual (Finalist – Italy)


The Fendi family | The Sembler Family (Ex-US Ambassor to Italy) | The Fracassi Family | David Haslingden, (CEO of National Geographic and his family) The Zansuri Family, owners of the Energie fashion label | Carlo Lancella, Vice-President of Perugia’s soccer team | Atwood, former CEO of Colgate-Palmolive in Italy | MBA Player Howard Wright