Elope to Positano, Italy


Elope to Positano

My passion for the Amalfi Coast goes back to childhood summer holidays, when nearly every year our family rented a villa in Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Ischia, or Capri. It’s one of the most romantic places I’ve ever seen, offering the Mediterranean sea, sun, culture and fantastic food and wine. Charming little villages dot the coastline, but in this post, I’ll focus on one of the most popular places to elope, Positano, It gets its name from Posidone, the Greek god of the waters, and it’s easy to see why. This quaint beach town looks like it was sculpted in the rock, and its streets are lined with pastel painted houses, which from a distance seem to form a mosaic. (In photographs, the backdrops look like paintings.)

You have three different options for your elopement: religious, civil or symbolic.

I’ve photographed all three in Positano and familiar with all three.

This post is part of The Elopement Series covering my favorite places in the world to elope. This one covers ideas for a Positano elopement featuring my favorite places in this quaint Amalfi Coast village to elope.

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Religious Ceremony:

The bell tower of the church of Santa Maria Assunta can be seen rising above the sea from everywhere in town, its magnificent cupola covered in colorful hand-painted tiles. Every village along the Amalfi Coast has its own unique bell tower and cupola each designed and decorated differently, and the Positano tower is one of the most beautiful and provides a striking setting for your wedding photos..

Tip: Ask your pastor or priest back home if he has any contacts in Italy. If not, you may want to hire a local wedding planner to help. The ceremony usually lasts about 40 minutes.

elope-positano-italy-photography elope-positano-italy-photography


Civil Wedding:

Ceremonies are held at the hilltop town hall, on a huge terrace overlooking the beach and the village below. They are usually quick,. lasting only 20 minutes or so. Here is Emma and Tony’s civil elopement with a great views on top of the Positano’s Town Hall’s Terrace.

Tip: Hire a local wedding planner who can take care of your paper work, which can be daunting in Italy.

elope-positano-italy-photography elope-positano-italy-photography

Symbolic Ceremony

Some couples have chosen to get married back home (less paperwork) and then renew their vows in Positano .Since you can hold a symbolic wedding anywhere, many couples chose to rent a villa or apartment with a lovely terrace or patio for the ceremony. Here is a beautiful symbolic Positano Elopement photographed on a terrace from a Villa rented out by the couple
Tip: You can hire a local officiant to celebrate your wedding. Shoot me an email for more details.

elope-positano-italy-photography elope-positano-italy-photography

Getting there:

 To get there you’ll have to navigate curving cliff-side roads, and it can be treacherous. I learned to drive in the chaos of Rome but I still I find the Amalfi coast nerve-wracking, so I take the train from Rome to Naples, a quick 50-minute ride on the Freccia Rossa or Freccia Argento lines. From there I hire a car and an experienced driver to make the 45-minute trip to Positano. Most couples land in Rome, where flights are frequent. If you choose to fly into Naples instead, you can arrange for a car and driver to meet you at the airport there.

 Wedding Planner or not?

Do you want to design all the details yourself, or would you prefer to just dress up and show up? A wedding planner can take care of all the logistics, from the paperwork to the make-up and hair artists, flowers and food. Before you chose one, check out their portfolio, which is often available online. They should have done at least ten weddings in the area. Try to arrange to meet them beforehand, either in person or via a Skype call. Feel free to make alternate choices. If you don’t like the makeup artist , florist or photographer they suggest, find another one. The area offers a range of planners and vendors,. too many to list here, but if you need a referral, shoot me an email.

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My top three Positano Hotels:

Hotel San Pietro

Out of town, reachable in five minutes car or boat. Away from the tourist area with a magnificent spa and restaurants., a private beach. The biggest hotel in the area.

Hotel Sirenuse

Right in the town itself, so you don’t need a car. With an incredible view of the cupola from one of the cupolas. Private beach access. Because of the exceptional decor, several films have been made here.

Hotel Marincanto

Private beach access, also rents small villas. With a lovely blue and white decor. Great terraces with views of the sea, the town of Positano and the copola.


My top three Positano restaurants:

La Tagliata

In the Montepertuso area, above Positano, a family-run restaurant, where they make their own olive oil, grow their own tomatoes and lemons. All home-made, genuine dishes. . Built on a series of terraces with stunning panoramic views, which make a great location for the ceremony itself.

Da Vincenzo

My personal favorite, inside the town, very local and traditional. The most famous of the Positano restaurants. Marcella’s desserts are legendary. Good for a romantic dinner for two.


Right on the beach at the marina, an elegant restaurant with an adjoining disco. Refined atmosphere, decorated with white and blue tiles. Perfect for a reception.


My favorite time of the year to elope to Positano:

April-June or mid-September – October.

Tip: Unless you plan to rent a private villa away from the crowds, avoid July and August when the coast is packed with tourists, and I mean PACKED. It’s a tiny village and fills up quickly. The service deteriorates and it’s hot, hot, hot.


Three extra ideas for your elopement:

1.Rent a boat (nice for sunsets and photos) available all along the coast.

2. Rent a driver and car for a newly wed photo tour of other villages. (Amalfi and Ravello both offer beautiful backdrops.)

3.Dance the night away at Rada – music on the rocks


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