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The Art of Analog Film Photography


The Art of Film

“Analog Film” is what makes my “Fine Art Portraits,” a Fine Art. After testing all sorts of cameras, film stocks, and settings, I now have my own favorite formula that create my signature images.

I started with film. Back in College while getting my formal training, I learned photography using film, the dark room and even making creative pin-hole cameras. I also have the top of the line digital cameras, and for certain things, digital is better. But for fine art portraits, and the look I am after, Film is my favorite. It is my choice of medium.

Photography is all about light and I am a natural light photographer. Film is the queen of natural light. Film is organic (without the pixel lines found in digital cameras) allowing light and color to blend beautifully giving a soft painterly effect. And this soft painterly effect is what I love.

The film negative, printed with high-quality ink on fine art paper, make a work of art. Printed, framed and hung on your wall or made into beautiful heirloom albums.

Instead of a 1,000 digital images stored in your computer, you will have fewer images, and each image will be worth 1,000 images.

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