SoCal Portrait Photography

What’s Your Story?


Part One: What’s your story?
The most important part of a portrait begins way before I click the shutter button. It starts with your story. Who are you? What’s your passion/s? What are your dreams? What stage of life are you in? What are your favorite colors? What do you want to be captured or portrayed? And why? These are just some of the questions I might ask.
In a non-invasive way, I like to draw out your story. I listen. I look. I observe. I draw out what makes you special and beautiful. I look for your uniqueness. I like to get to know you first without any cameras.
Your story is what gives the fine art portrait it’s “soul.” Without soul, it’s just a pretty picture without meaning. It’s like reading the cover of a book without reading the whole book. I am after the meaning. Your photographs will depict your authentic beauty.
(For Alexa’s portrait above, she had just graduated from Chapman University here in California. I photographed her on a beach in La Jolla as she ran towards her new life that lay before her crossing a symbolic bridge aka a passage in life. The color Pink beautifully depicts her soft & feminine Parisian soul).