California Fine Art Portrait Photography

What to Wear?


Part two: What to wear?
One of my favorite things to do is to design a portrait shoot from what to wear to the choice of location. Your clothes also help tell your story, just like the environment. The theme, your coloring + features, and choice of location will all assist in determining how to dress. I like to blend with the environment and to have a cohesive flow with the whole shoot. Everything from the shoes, to clothing, hair and make-up, will all tie together. Since your photographs are timeless works of art, I suggest avoiding trends and stick to something more classic and enduring.
We may even incorporate personal props that have symbolic meanings to you. It could be a hat, a scarf or maybe an instrument if you play music. Or maybe your pet? A special car? Flowers? A painting? A movie? A song? We can draw from endless inspiration.
To fine tune your shoot, together we will create fun Pinterest and mood boards to develop your unique themed portrait shoot.
(For the above shoot in Palm Springs, Casey wore a stunning long red dress. Her red flowing dress blended beautifully with fiery hot desert and Casey’s bold persona. She almost looks like a beautiful Californian desert flower)
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