Rome Wedding | Hotel Hassler’s Imago + Caracalla

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This wedding in Rome was held at The Caracalla Civil Wedding hall. Their intimate dinner was held at Hotel Hassler’s rooftop garden Imago.  As usual we went for a drive to get a few photos around Rome.

I usually like to keep my blog posts short & sweet. But… there is so much to say about this couple. They are so beautiful both inside & out with such a strong visceral tie between them.

Penny & Chad go way back. Their parents were friends before they were even born. When I asked Penny how they met, she opened her wallet and pulled out a picture of both of them when they were about 4-5 years of age, sitting at a table celebrating Penny’s birthday.

They don’t go unnoticed… Penny is 5″10′. Chad …(take a deep breath) is a 6’7′. Yes, I wrote that correctly —> 6″7′. The tallest Groom I have ever photographed. And they are such a nice wholesome couple. I thought I would have to bring a ladder to photograph them  (I am 5’7 … which I never thought was short).

Penny & Chad had a most romantic elopement in Rome. They wanted something intimate. And their wedding was so romantically intimate. It was all about “Penny+Chad.” Auguri!

Below are a few highlights of their Wedding day in Rome. Enjoy!

Wedding Planner: Dolce Vita Weddings
Penny’s dress: Cosmobella
Chad suit: Harry Rosen
Penny’s hair: Janita
Wedding Ceremony: Vignola Mattei at Caracalla
Dinner: Hassler’s Rooftop