The Island of Capri

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ahhh… Capri!

When I was little, I lived with my family in Naples for several years. I used to go to an American School called “John F. Kennedy School” along with a lot of other american kids that lived in the area (mostly US military families). So we spent many summer/vacations on Capri, Ischia & the Amalfi coast. We rented Villas during the summers and we continued going even after we moved to Rome. I cherish many a sweet childhood memories of this beautiful Italian island ).

And I have continued going to the islands. It is only a 2-hour trip from Rome. One hour train trip to Naples and another 30-45 minutes with the boat to get from Naples to Capri.

This time, I met up with my BIG brother Eddie Cheever (who nows lives in the States) … it was like going back in time. And, it is timeless always bringing you back in time. No cars. No franchising.