How about a touch of “Color Therapy?” for your Engagement Session or Wedding in Venice’s BURANO, Italy (Venetian Lagoon)

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Burano is a quaint island within the Venetian lagoon. You can easily reach it with the VAPORETTO or water taxi in about 15-20 minutes from Piazza San Marco.

This “fisherman’s island” officially known for “lace.” You can see these awesome ladies sitting in chairs embroidering lace everywhere. Supposedly each lady is an expertise in a certain lace stitch. And it takes 7 different ladies to finish a table-cloth. Each lady stitches her stitch & then passes it on to next lady as does her stitch. NOW, in 2011, how AWESOME is that!

Husbands are out to fish, while the wives lace.

I am, as well as so many others, in love with all the colored buildings. It is such a HAPPY place to visit. Let alone having a photographic session. An oh-so-Happy engagement session… HINT. HINT…

Below is a quick sketch of Burano